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Behind the Scenes

There are several additions and changes being made to the 2021 Over The Top Christmas Lights show. I again used the Light-O-Rama (LOR) system which uses a combination of computer programs, controllers, and other items to make the lights "dance" to the beat. This year's shows uses 50+ controllers with over 792 channels, 52 RGB LED floods, 700 RGB pixels, and over 150,000 lights. I have programmed 37 different songs and clips for the two one hour shows. Each song took between 8 and 10 hours per minute to sequence. I have a total of 700 hours of work in the sequencing of the songs. I used about 4 miles of extension cords and an uncounted number of miles of wire in total.

Each light is checked both before it is put up and also after it has been placed. I have also been working on changing the incandescents over to LEDs which uses a lot less electricity. If you would like to see the specifics of the lights, channels, amps and extension cords go here or if you would like to see just the basic totals you can go here.

There are 5 - 4' trees in the front, a 20' mega tree with a 4' star on top, 2 - 8' firesticks, 4 stars on the roof, 2 - 8' light wheels, 9 - 5' spiral trees, 2 - 10' mega spiral tree, 4 - 4' snowmen, a nativity scene in back, 16 RGB LED floods on house roof, 24 new RGB LED floods on the storage building, 12 - 3' four color mini trees, 20 - four color net light pannels for the fence, 14 pixel leaping arches, a strobe light curtain, a snow machine, 2 amps, 12 speakers, and a donation box. The tree roots will also be decorated. I finished redesigning the 3' mini trees that added additional lights to the show. There will be several new items for the 2022 show I will be adding two new firesticks with stars at the top. These will be the same design as the ones introduced in 2012 using the same star design as the roof stars from 2017 only in a 3' size. These stars will in in white only. I will also be adding 14 - 30" stars in four colors again using the same design as the roof stars of 2017. These stars will be on the inside of the 14 leaping arches. Making these changes will require an additional four controllers and several thousand more lights. I will also be reworking the sound system adding another amp and more speakers.

I want to thank Lowes, and Creative Displays Incorporated for their products and support. I would also like thank the ones that helped in building certain props.

How do I do it? Want more information? Just click on the picture below of what you want to learn about.

Dancing Chicken - 2014

Donation Box - 2012

Fence - 2015

Firesticks - 2012

Flood Panel - 2015

Leeping Arches

Letter Box - 2015

Light Wheels - 2013

Light Wheels Updated - 2014

Mega Spiral Tree - 2016

Mega Tree Base - 2014

Mega Tree - 2012

Mega Tree - 2013

Mega Tree Star - 2013

Mini Trees - 2012

Mini Trees - 2015

Mysore Fig Roots - 2012

Net Light Trees - 2015

Purple People Eater - 2015

RGB Controller Box - 2016

Roof Stars - 2012

Roof Stars - 2017

Router for Sign - 2016

Signs - 2016

Spiral Trees - 2013

Stars - 2012

Stars Updated - 2015

Stereo Surge Protectors - 2014

Strobe Light Curtain - 2018

Waterproof Electrical Box - 2016

Wire Frame - 2014

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