Over The Top Christmas Lights
2012 Behind the Scenes - Firesticks)

I used about 22' of 1 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe to make 2 fire sticks. The foot of the fire stick was made by cutting a piece of pipe in half and glued to a "T" that was cut to fit. The long piece of pipe was then placed in the foot and measured to the top of the gutter and cut. Another "T" was notched to fit over the gutter. The long pipe was then measured with the notched "T" recut to fit over the gutter and was also notched. A short piece of pipe was placed on top. Once both fire sticks were cut and set up to make sure they were right they were taken down and holes drilled every 4" then again at 90 degrees every 4" in between the previous drilled holes. These holes will be used to place zip ties through to hold lights in place. The long pipe was then divided into three sections and marked. A large hole was then drilled at the bottom of each section and a wire for each channel was ran and a female end was added for the lights to be plugged in. Each section holds 300 LED lights. The light strings were then wrapped tightly around the pipe working from bottom to the top with each section being plugged into the new channel wire. The hand made 3' star was then attached to the small piece of pipe by zip ties through the pipe around the dowel rods. Once all the parts were ready the fire stick was put together and placed on the gutter and the end of the light string was wrapped around the "T" holding all in place. The top piece with the star was added, the fire stick was straightened, the foot was weighted down, and then the whole fire stick was rechecked and all the lights were rechecked. Start to finish, it took two days to build two fire sticks.

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A 1' piece of pipe was cut in half along with a "T" and glued together. This will allow the fire sticks to sit flat on the ground and be easily held down by concrete edging.

A "T" was notched along with the bottom piece of pipe. This then was placed together to clamp over the gutter holding the fire stick in place.

The foot is put down then the long (8') pipe then the notched "T" clamps over the gutter with the small (2') pipe (which has a hand made 3' star attached) on top.

Large holes are drilled for the wires to come through for the different channels. Small holes are drilled for zip ties to hold the lights in place.

There are three channels for the fire stick and one channel for the star, four channels total. The wires then come out the feet at the bottom of the fire sticks.

Each of the three channels use 300 LED lights and cover about 30" of pipe.

The fire sticks look good in the day time but really light up the yard when it gets dark.

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