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2012 Behind the Scenes - Donation Box)

Using 200 pounds of concrete, 1" black steel pipe, 1/2" rebar, 1 1/4" pipe, assorted bolts, and a mail box I was able to make a nice donation box. This will be a basic description of how the box was put together. I dug a large hole and put a black pipe with rebar through it into the hole and filled with concrete. At the top just under the concrete was a threaded coupling. Once the concrete set a nipple was screwed into the coupling and a 3' long black pipe was screwed into the nipple. A 1 1/4" pipe was slipped over the 1" pipe that had a flange welded to it. Holes were drilled into the concrete and anchors were inserted and then bolted through the flange. A water valve cover was placed around it.

A 1/4" flat steel plate was welded to a flange which was welded to the top of the pipe. A Mail box was then bolted to the plate. I used garland and lights to cover the pipe and a sign magnet to cover the front of the box. I cut the flag bolts off and painted the cut area with finger nail polish.

I have free magnets on the sides, a plastic box with show time cards, and then on top I have a candy bowl with mints and comment cards. Over all this looks nice and is very useful.

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I dug a large hole about 12" across. A 1" black steel pipe with 1/2" rebar was used at the center pipe.

200 pounds of concrete was used to keep the pipe in place.

A 1 1/4" pipe was used as a cover pipe to hole the box up.

A 1/4" flat steel plate was used to bolt the box to.

The box is made from a Mail box and decorated with garland and lights.

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