Over The Top Christmas Lights
2013 - Behind the Scenes

There were a couple additions to the 2012 Over The Top Christmas Lights show. I again used the Light-O-Rama (LOR) system which uses a combination of computer programs, controllers, and other items to make the lights "dance" to the beat. This year's shows used 19 controllers with a total of 256 channels used over 58,000 lights. I have programmed over 36 different songs and clips for the two one hour shows. Each song took between 10 and 15 hours per minute to sequence. I have a total of between 700 and 750 hours of work in the sequencing of the songs. I used about 1.5 miles of extension cords and an uncounted number of miles of wire in total.

Each light bulb is checked both before it is put up and also after it has been placed. I have also have been working on changing the incandescents over to LEDs which uses a lot less electricity. If you would like to see the specifics of the lights, channels, amps and extension cords go here.

There are 5 - 3' trees in the front with a 1' star on the top, a 20' mega tree with a 4' star on top, 2 - 8' firesticks, 4 - 52" stars on the roof, 2 - 8' light wheels, 2 - 5' spiral trees, and a donation box. The tree roots will also be decorated. The items new or changed for the 2013 shows are the mega tree was redesigned and made out of steel, the 4' star on top was also redesigned and made out of 3/8" rebar, the mega tree was also changed to 100% LED lights using three colors. The tree roots gained an additional color, red. New additions are 2 - 8' light wheels and 2 - 5' spiral trees. Information on the new and redesigned items can be found below. Previous items and ideas can be found in past years Behind-The-Scenes pages.

I want to thank the ones that helped with the lights along with Lowes.

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Light Wheels

Mega Tree

Mega Tree Star

Spiral Trees

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