Over The Top Christmas Lights
2013 - Behind the Scenes - Spiral Tree

I Used 16 - 3/4" 45s, 8 - 3/4" Tees, 8 - 3/4" caps, 8 - 1.5" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 16 - 6" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 8 - 5' schedule 40 PVC pipe, 1 can medium PVC glue, 7mm heat shrink tube, 32 - 2.5" fine thread dry wall screws, box - 1" fine thread dry wall screws, 3 cans of flat black spray paint, 8 - 60 count blue LED light strings, and 8 - 60 count green LED light strings.

The top was made with 8 3/4" 45s glued together using 8 1.5" pieces of pipe. Screw caps into 45s where they touch each other using screws. Glue 45s to 6" pieces of pipe. Do not glue to tees. Glue uprights to tees put uprights into caps. Put bottom pieces into place tap everything together and check. If it all looks ok, tap the top off and put glue inside caps. Quickly put the ring with all 8 caps on all at once and using a hammer tap all back into place. This is very tricky and has to be done quickly but it can be done. Tap apart one end of one of the T's. Glue and put back. Go to the next end and do the same. Continue until all Ts have been glued and put back into place.

Screw long dry wall screws into the top. Cut and heat shrink the heat shrink tube around screws to protect wire from rough edges of the screws. Lay out one strand of lights in the desired spiral shape. Using 1" (2.5" on the very bottom ring.) dry wall screws mark where the wire crosses pipe. Find distance from top and screw screws in each of the eight uprights for each wire. Paint using flat black spray paint. String wires around. Wire to controller and light.

My measurements for the 5' tree were 1.75", 3.5", 5.25", 7", 9.5", 12", 17.75", 23.5", 29.25", 35", 40.5", 46", 49.5", 53", 57", 61".

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

The top of the tree made out of 3/4" 45s, 1.5" pieces of PVC and the caps.

The 45s were glued to 6" PVC but the tees were not glued.

All uprights were put together and tapped into the caps.

The tree was then painted with flat black spray paint.

Screws were screwed into the top and covered with heat shrink tube. Screws were then placed all around the tree.

Lights were added, wired and lit.

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