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2015 Behind the Scenes - 2015 Mini Trees

Using 8 - 3/4" 45 degree elbows, 8 - 3/4" Tees, 1 - 3" cap, 8 - 3/4" schedule 40 pipe 39 1/4" long, 16 - 3/4" schedule 40 pipe 3 5/8" long, 1 - can PVC cement, 8 - 2" fine thread drywall screws, assorted sized zip ties, 100' garland, 2 - cans flat black spray paint and lights I was able to make a beautiful mini tree that measures about 4' tall and 2' in diameter. This will be a basic description of how each tree was put together.

Cut all pipe into right sizes and get all get all items together and ready. Glue one 3 5/8" pipe to each side of each 45 degree elbow. Glue one end of each 39 1/4" pipe to top part of each Tee. Place a Tee in between each 45/pipe piece BUT do not glue make sure tight by tapping into place with hammer. Pull sides up and cut the backsides of pipe as seen in picture. Cut then check then trim some more until the cap will fit over top but leaving room on pipe to send screw through.

Place cap on top and press down until it encloses all pipe. Drill preholes for screws by starting on one side then drill hole through opposite side. Work your way in a star fashion until all pipe has a prehole drilled. Make sure the cap stays flat on top as you drill holes. Screw screws through cap and through pipe making sure they go through pipe.

Tap bottom pipe out of one end of the Tee glue and put back. Move to next side of Tee doing the same. Move around the base in same mannor until all Tees have been glued. Do NOT pull all pipe out at once. Do one Tee at a time. There are 16 sides to the 8 Tees. You might have to unscrew one screw of the cap to level but only one at a time.

Drill holes 6-8" from top on each pipe then every 6-8" down. These can be used to place zip ties through to hole lights or garland. Not all will be used but will be there when needed. Paint flat black. Place garland on tree starting at the base then wrap across top and using long zip ties garland can be attached to the top. Use lights of choice. I used four colors of 5mm mini lights 100 count strands. Each color used 200 lights for a total of 800 lights per tree. If you use more than one color wrap srings together so they cover the same area with different colors.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Cut pipe and get items together. Glue fittings to small pipe and to uprights.

Put pieces together and lay out flat.

Pull pipe up till they touch making sure base is flat on ground.

Cut ends of pipe so that they will fit closer together and fit inside the 3" cap. Drill prehole and screw screws through cap and into pipe.

Paint flat black and put garland around.

Use your choice of lights and colors. Each color on mine was a different channel so each of my trees took 4 channels.

The more you make the faster they will be to make and better they will look.

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