Over The Top Christmas Lights
2018 - Behind the Scenes -
Strobe Light Curtain - 2018

I used 15 - 8' treated fence posts, 14 - 10' long 1/2" black steel pipe, 13 - 3.5" steel pipe nipples, 26 - steel pipe Tees, 2 - steel pipe elbows, 1/2" pipe clamps, 28 - PVC thread by slip 1/2" fittings, assorted screws, zip ties, and 32 cans flat black spray paint.

The posts were all painted with the exception of about two feet on one end. Holes were dug and the posts set with the unpainted end in the air. Starting at one end the post was cut four feet from the ground and then leveling to the next post the second post was cut. This process continued to the other end. The tops were then painted. One end started with an elbow then pipe then a Tee a nipple another Tee and another piece of pipe. This continued to the other end where another elbow was placed. Pipe clamps were used to hold pipe to the top of the posts. I drilled holes and used self tapping screws to keep pipe from turning. All fittings were then painted then lights and strobe lights were zip tied to pipe. Lights were then wired to a controller.

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I painted most of all the fence posts leaving two feet or so at the end unpainted.

Holes were dug for each post requiring big rocks and roots to be cut. One electric line was also cut which had to be repaired.

The posts were put in the ground with the unpainted end in the air.

All the posts were then cut using a chainsaw with the top being leveled as we went. When finished they were all 4' high from ground level.

The tops of the posts were painted black to finish off the paining of the whole post. The steel pipe and fittings were screwed to the top of the posts using pipe clamps.

The posts all in a straight line were now ready to have the strobe lights and lights attached. All fittings and clamps were to be painted at this time.

Holes and screws were used to help to keep the pipe from turning. Lights and strobe lights were zip tied to the steel pipe.

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