Over The Top Christmas Lights
2012 Behind the Scenes - Mega Tree)

I Used 4 - 12' 2x4s, 3" star screws, 4 - 4' hand made stars, eye screws, wire, wire connectors, 3/8" rebar, 32 - 100 count white incan lights strings, 48 - 60 count red LED light strings, landscape pegs, and SPT1 wire and ends to make a 25' mega tree. I took one 2x4 and cut into 2 - 6' pieces. I took one side of the 2x4s from one side of the tree and cut a slot in them then placed SPT1 wire inside to give power to the star. Then taking two 2x4s end to end I placed one 6' piece on top at one end followed by a 12' then another 6' at the other end and using 3" screws they are attached to make the upright part of the tree. Two of the stars were zip tied together at an angle and attached to a 2x4 using zip tied through holes drilled in the 2x4. This is done twice making 2 - 2 star sides. These two sections are attached to the top of the tree then 3" screws are screwed in under the stars and left sticking out. These screws will then be used to hang the light strings from. This then completes the upright part of the tree.

A 2 foot hole was dug in the ground and the 2x4 with lots of work was set in the hole and packed in and leveled. Scaffoling was then set up to get to the top of the tree. The lights were hung from the 16 screws at the top. Each group of light strings included 3 - 60 count LED red to make one channel and went up and down making a double light look. Two 100 count incan white strings were then added using another channel making another double look light srting. These two goups were put together and hung from the screw. This was done 16 times making the 32 channels.

I attached 2 eye screws and attached 2 hooked wire through each and ran to the ground. This gave me four guide wires two on each side. Each went to the ground and was anchored to the ground using 3/8" rebar bent at the top. The light strings were then stretched out at equal distance and anchored to the ground using landscape pins. The 32 channels were then wired and checked.

This is not a one person job and I would like to thank the ones that helped with this process.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

I used 4 - 12' 2x4s for the main part of the tree. I used 3" screws to connect them and 3" screws at the top to hang the lights from.

I used the 4' stars I had made earlier. They were attached to 2x4s and then attached to the top of the tree. Total star light count is 400.

The tree was placed 2' in the ground then the lights were hung using scaffolding to get them to the top.

I used wire and hooked to the top of the tree and stretched down to make guide wires to hold the tree in place.

I used over 6000 lights, 32 LOR channels and two colors to light the tree up.

Red LEDs and white incandesent lights were used.

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