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2012 Behind the Scenes - Mini Trees

I made five mini trees, four of which had one type of star and the last one had a different star and was placed in the middle. All five were made the same way and size. Each tree was made from 2 - 10' pieces of schedule 40 1/2" PVC, 1 - 38" piece of 1 1/2" thin wall PVC, 6 - 1/2" "T"s, 1 - 1 1/2" "T", about 6' of 1/2" black sprinkler pipe, many zip ties, about 65' of garland, 400 mini lights, and a star. The 1/2" PVC was cut into 6 - 38" pieces. The top 5" was cut at an angle so that it would fit against the 1 1/2" middle pipe. The 1/2" "T"s were placed over the 1/2" black sprinkler pipe and the pipe was then taped with duck tape so that it made a complete circle. A "T" was then pulled over the tape to hold in place. Holes were drilled in the 1/2" pipe to be able to attach the garland and lights to tree with zip ties. All the 1/2" pipes were placed in the "T"s brought up and zip tied to the 1 1/2" middle pipe about 2" from the top. This was done by drilling holes through both the 1/2" and 1 1/2" pipes at the same time then zip tie placed through all holes. This makes the tree which is then spay painted Hunter Green and left to dry over night. The next day the star is added using zip ties to hold in place through drilled holes at the top of the 1 1/2" pipe. The tree is wrapped with garland using zip ties to hold in place. Then the lights are added and the tree is moved in place. Once in place it is pinned to the ground using landscape pins and the garland is then fluffed up around the lights. I tested the lights several times to make sure all stayed lit. If you had all the materials all five trees could be made in two days.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Using seven pieces of pipe, assorted fittings, and some black sprinkler pipe a mini tree will be born.

I cut a 1 1/2" "T" and placed on the end of a pipe will give a way for the star to be mounted and a way to anchor the tree.

I marked and cut the ends of the uprights at an angle so that they will fit against the middle pipe.

The 1/2" "T"s are placed over the 1/2" black sprinkler pipe and taped together to make a ring. Holes are drilled in the uprights so that the garland and lights can be zip tied to the pipe.

The uprights are placed in the "T"s and zip tied to the 1 1/2" middle pipe.

The Tree was then painted with Hunter Green spray paint.

Once the paint dried the star was attached with zip ties (picture was made then the star was removed and painted - steps are right pictures are wrong). The garland was attached to frame then the lights.

Lit up at night the trees take on a whole new look and with the different star on the middle tree gives some variance to the overall look.

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