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2016 Behind the Scenes - Waterproof Electrical Box

This Waterproof Electrical Box can be designed in the size and configuration that will fit your needs. Just follow the basics using the size box and number of outlets you need. Keep in mind the amps so that you do not cause an overload. This example will be for a five outlet box which will handle five controllers. The lights of all five of my controllers will only add up to less than five amps so using a 16 guage extention cord that only handles 13 amps will work just fine. I will also be making two more smaller ones that will be for three controllers and will use about eight amps of power again I will be using the same size cord which will work fine. The key is to know how many amps you will pull and use wire that will cover that amount with ease.

I used a 12" x 12" x 6" waterproof junction box, 5 - shallow outlet boxes, 5 - 15 amp outlets (cheap ones will work fine since the main cord will be connected to a GFI protected outlet), grounding bar kit (7), #12 wire in black, white, and green, 40' 16 guage extension cord, small piece of 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe, small screws with nuts, 2 - yellow wire nuts, construction adhesive, and electrical putty.

Cut the tabs off of shallow outlet boxes to match where you will mount them inside the waterproof box. Figure out which way you will run the wire from one box to the next then punch out the holes for electrical wire before they get mounted inside the box. If you are putting two next to each other like I did in this example make sure you glue them together first. Let the glue set overnight. Grind two sides of the PVC so it will set flat in the big box and drill two holes to match the grounding bar holes. Use small screws and nuts to mount the grounding bar to the PVC pipe. Glue PVC pipe to big box making sure it is in a good place to run all the grounds to. Glue shallow boxes to big box and let glue set overnight. Add more glue around boxes as best you can so that the boxes will be secured. Wire all outlets using basic wiring rules. Screw outlets into shallow boxes making sure to run grounds to grounding bar. Drill 3/8" hole in big box for extenion cord wire. Cut female end off of extenion cord sliding cord through hole in box. Use electrial putty to seal gap around cord. Wire extention cord wire to the wires to first outlet. The green wire from extention cord goes to grounding bar. Either drill holes for the controller plugs or grind slit in box for wires to slide into. Using this size box the cord can be stored inside box when not in use.

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Items used to complete project.

Items used to complete project.

Items used to complete project.

Grind two sides of PVC pipe, drill holes, and mount grounding bar.

Cut the tabs off the shallow boxes and glue inside the waterproof box. Plan this out before gluing as once secured you cannot change.

Add glue around shallow boxes to help secure them.

Glue the PVC pipe to the waterproof box.

Wire outlets making sure each one is grounded.

Drill hole into waterproof box and insert extention cord. Use putty to seal gap.

Grind slits in box so that wires can be plugged into outlets.

The cord was stored inside the box when not in use and the cover was replaced.

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